GOOD NEWS … Praise the Lord!

We will be back in our Sanctuary for Worship Services beginning on October 4th at 10am, AND we will also broadcast our 10am service on our FM transmitter on 87.9, which can be heard in our parking lot.  So, whether you are ready to SEE your brothers and sisters in the Sanctuary or feel more comfortable sitting in your vehicle with a cup of coffee, we are excited and thankful to be able to provide both options.

For those of you, who have had a doctor or dentist or hair appointment, you already know the procedure for entering the facility has changed.  At a minimum, a face mask, hand-sanitizer and social distancing are required in order to provide a basic level of protection from Covid-19.  Attending worship in our Sanctuary requires similar procedures, which are outlined on the attached documents.

The Healthy Church Team (HCT) has been working for weeks to plan our return to our Sanctuary. We have studied the Virginia Conference “in-house” worship requirements and learned from other congregations who are having “in-house” worship services.   Our written plan has been approved by our District Superintendent.  Our HCT has committed to follow the plan in order to provide for the safety of our church family.  In order to fulfill our HCT plan, we need ten volunteers each week to serve as greeters, ushers and sound system operators.

In order to protect our families and friends, we need everyone to commit to follow our safety procedures for “in-house” or parking lot worship.  Please, please understand, that everyone who attends Sunday worship services must know and comply with our safety procedures, in order to prevent possible exposure to Covid-19.   We hope to see you in the Sanctuary or the parking lot on October 4th at 10am. 

Please pray for our church family and for our safe return to God’s Sanctuary.  Also, please study the Sanctuary Worship Procedure and Health Acknowledgement Poster before you arrive.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Tom at 540-271-4560.

With the Love of Christ,

The Healthy Church Team

Dale & Sandy Cupp

Donna Belle Dove

Jacque Roach

Dennis Turner

Judy Rhodes

Mike Dick

Lacey Roberts

Leon Miller

Pastor Tom


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